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ARCTIC Silver Series

ARCTIC Silver Series
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Arctic Cables certified and genuine UP-OCC (Ultra-Pure-Copper Ohno-Continuous-Cast) Litz type-6 conductors, enamel-coated wire. 


Ultra Pure Silver OCC 7N Wire

Our custom UP-OCC silver cable is made of 100% pure jewelry-grade silver, 26 awg, in a Litz type-6.   

This is our flagship cable, custom-made for us by Neotech, one of the largest producers of OCC wire,  

and also one of the few that are capable of producing REAL and genuine OCC wires. 

Although the SGS test lab can only test 6N so far, our OCC Silver has passed the 6N mark, and reached

7N, which makes it the most advanced OCC wire currently available on the market!

This custom-designed UP-OCC cable is produced for us by Neotech, one of the largest OCC wire producers in the world.

Neotech is one of the few OCC wire manufacturers that produce certified and genuine pure copper and pure silver OCC wires.


This cable represents one of the best cables that Arctic Cables has to offer. All of the knowledge that we have accumulated went to design this top of the line cable.
This cable will easily exceed most high-end silver cables on the market for a much lower price.

What elevated our silver cable above is its purity. The silver conductors we use have a marginal distortion in comparison to what is commonly used on the market.
Without crystal boundaries and superior conductivity, the cable delivers the sound in the way the artist intended.

We designed this cable with a neutral tuning in mind. This tuning allows for an engaging listening experience while preserving the details of the recording.

Our cable suits those who wish to reach the pinnacle of audio reproduction.
The cable does not alter the tonal balance, only improves upon the existing. It would be our top choice for a musical cable.

Using the cable allows for an experience similar to the one of listening to a high-end stereo system. The soundstage is exceptional, enveloping your senses.
Each instrument can sound true to its original scale. The cable pushes the boundaries of what sound stage can be perceived when listening to headphones.

The highs are precise without causing fatigue. Since the cable does not make the headphones sound any brighter,
you can appreciate the minute details of the recording without deviating from their preferred sound signature.

The mid-range is outstanding, with vocals sounding immediate and encompassing. No longer does it feel as if the artist is between your ears, but rather in front of you.

The lows are most articulate and extended. The bass is no longer two dimensional but surrounds the listener. The impact of the bass provides an enhanced listening experience.
The sub-bass is drastically heftier, yet does not overpower the rest of the frequencies. The sound has a fuller body, and the weight of the instruments is better felt.

This cable presents excellent ergonomics. With a great sounding cable, you are inclined to listen longer and longer.
The comfort level of the cable allows one to focus on the music. The cable is lightweight and flexible.
It requires no effort to transport you to the realm of the recording. It looks the way it sounds, marvelous. It is crafted to perfection.



• Ultra-low capacitance

• Durable, soft, low microphonics cable sleeves with excellent flexibility and comfort

• High-quality Neutrik / Furutech connectors

• Terminated with Cardas Silver-Quad-Eutectic solder wire



The unidirectional UP-OCC has no electric resistance and practically no crystal boundaries. Accordingly, it can transmit electrical signals faster,

and with less distortion than ordinary OFC and silver wires.


All of these features make the pure OCC copper and silver the state-of-the art conductor materials for the audiophile cable industry.



• A true unidirectional copper crystal that is as free from impurities as possible to prevent corrosion

• Flexibility and fatigue resistance without impairing conductive characteristics

• Low electrical resistance

• Rapid signal transmission

• Corrosive-resistant

• Non-crystal boundaries




UP-OCC stands for Ultra-Pure, Ohno Continuous Casting.


The UP-OCC process for refining copper was developed and patented by Professor Ohno of the Chiba Institute of Technology in Japan.

The license to use this manufacturing process is incredibly popular for the production of wire and cable products for the audio/video industry.


In conventional processing, hot molten copper is poured into a cooled mold for extrusion, resulting in multiple, fractionated crystal structure.


While the copper may be "pure" in the sense of measuring gas impurities in the copper in comparison to standard copper refining techniques,

Oxygen-Free Copper (OFC) has undesirable effects that lead many to use more expensive materials such as silver for their conductive strands.


As developed for A/V cable use, the OCC process utilizes a heated mold for casting and extruding, with cooling taking place in a separate process,

the result is a larger crystal size and increased purity that approaches the 6N, 99.9998%!


Looking at it another way, traditional copper has oxygen impurities of 200 to 500 parts per million (PPM), while traditional OFC copper reduces that
to less than 10 PPM. With the OCC process, the figure is cut in half to less than 5 PPM of oxygen,
and less than 0.25 PPM of hydrogen (compared to 0.5 PPM for OFC).


With these results, the OCC process creates "ultra-pure" copper.