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Argentum USB Series

Argentum USB Series
Argentum USB Series
From: $299

The first step in our quest to build the ultimate USB cable was to make sure that our cable meets the Universal Serial Bus (USB) technical requirements and specs, and have a USB cable that is fully shielded against Electromagnetic interference (EMI) 

Many audiophile USB cables overlook this crucial step and creating USB cables from hook-up silver, and copper cables, that technically are not designed for this purpose, and doesn't have the necessary shielding for EMI protection which is essential in a computer environment. 

Furthermore, we know that even if a wrong amount of solder wire is applied to the USB connector, it will harm its performance.

For that reason, we thoroughly test every USB cable to make sure it operates at its maximum data signaling/Bandwidth transfer rate

The second step was to create one of the highest performing USB cables on the market within a relatively affordable price range.


Using an ultra-pure silver, 6N priority OCC conductors for a USB cable is not something you see every day, and by using state-of-art conductors, and by following the Universal Serial Bus protocols, we've succeeded in creating the ultimate USB cable. 

The extraction of information is astonishing compared to standard USB cables; there is so much increase in detail retrieval that we could hear it in almost every digital recording we've listened to. 

The other improvement that was immediately noticed was the clarity in the recording; it was as if a layer of "graininess" had been removed from the sound, and instruments sounded better well-defined. 

The third thing that was sharply enhanced was the airiness and soundstage, similar to moving from a closed-back to open-back headphones; the music filled the room with extended width and dept and yet with pinpoint accuracy in imaging and instrument separation.

We offer a 30-day trial period for our ultimate USB cable so that you could try it yourself with no commitment.



- USB 2.0

- Male USB-A to Male USB-B
- Pure silver 6N UP-OCC USB cable
- High-quality 24K gold-plated copper connectors
- Flexible and resistant high-quality PET white/silver cable sleeve