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Integration AES/EBU Series

Integration AES/EBU Series
Integration AES/EBU Series
From: $169.99

We are proud to introduce our new state-of-the-art 110-Ohm AES/EBU cable.

AES/EBU cable is suited for high precision digital data transfer through the AES/EBU interface.

Based on our worldwide highly acclaimed D - 102 III wire, our custom AES/EBU has a triple shielded quadruple core cable in a star-quad configuration.

Each of the four conductors is made from "fusion technology"; amorphous Cu/Zn/Ag alloy + a hybrid Linear Structured Carbon
saturated layer.

Sonically this cable's transparency and purity are immediately noticed, which allows it to retrieve the faintest details in the recording. 

With its natural tonality, every instrument and vocals will sound as originally recorded in the studio, without any coloration to the sound.

One of the cable's most impressive feature is the ability to increase the width and depth of your system, with a sense of openness and airiness like you've never experienced before from your speakers and headphones.

The cable’s low parasitic capacitance presents a low load to the signal source, so long runs can be used. 
The cable’s internal star-quad configuration and its triple shielding render it highly immune to noise. Also, the cable is mechanically very robust: Its “Fusion Technology” conductors are durable and are much less susceptible to breakage due to frequent bending than the standard found copper. Its rugged and hardwearing HULLIFLEX ® jacket forms excellent protection.

*We can no longer acquire this wire in bulk reels from the manufacturer, so we only have a limited quantity available.

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